The ICJ calls for abolition of State Security Court in Palestine

by | Jan 26, 2000 | News

The ICJ conducted a mission to the Palestinian Autonomous Territories (West Bank and Gaza) from 15-25 January 2000.

The objectives were to review:

  • the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession in Palestine – and the role of the Palestinian authorities;
  • the role of the international financial institutions with regard to questions related to the functioning of the judiciary;
  • Israeli infringements of the administration of justice in the Occupied Territories.

The Mission elaborated some 38 recommendations including the abolition of the Palestinian State Security Court.

The January 2000 mission was a follow-up to the one conducted in December 1993. The first mission focused on the civilian justice system, how it functioned under Israeli occupation and how it should function under newly autonomous Palestinian rule. In a report published in June 1994, the ICJ made recommendations to the Israeli occupation authorities and to the Palestinian authorities. The January 2000 mission had to assess whether the 1994 recommendations were implemented and what is the present status and functioning of justice in the occupied and autonomous territories.

The January 2000 mission was followed by two workshops, on 24 January in the West Bank (Ramallah) and on 25 January in Gaza, on « The Role of the Judiciary in Civil Society ». The mission and two seminars were organised in cooperation with the three ICJ Palestinian affiliates – The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights; LAW, and Al-Haq.

The Mission was composed of Mr. Adama Dieng, ICJ Secretary-General and leader of the Mission; Justice Johann Kriegler, Member of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; Sir Stephen Tumin, former Circuit Judge and former Inspector of Prisons, UK; Ms. Mona Rishmawi, CIJL Director; Mr. Per Stadig, Member of the Swedish Section of the ICJ; and Mr. Peter Wilborn, Attorney at Law; USA.

A complete report of the January 2000 mission will be issued shortly.

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