International Congress of Jurists – West Berlin 1952 – complete report, discourses and protocols

The 1st International Congress of Jurists for the protection of right against systematic injustice was held in West Berlin with the cooperation of delegates from 43 countries, amongst whom 32 Ministers and statesmen, 32 professors, 35 presidents, judges and counsel in High Courts of Justice.

The publication of this report has the objective to maintain and defend law against imminent danger not yet sufficiently understood by the Free World.

It was expected that the effect of the Investigating Committee of Free Jurists’ activity would be extremely intensified if the revelations were presented to the international public by eminent jurists. The solid front of injustice established behind the Iron Curtain would be confronted with an equally solid front of the defenders of justice. It was felt it should become a congress by means of which exiled jurists from all countries behind the Iron Curtain would explain the systems of injustice in their native countries to the Western world, and that the Soviet Zone would become the object of thorough studies based on the material collected by the Investigating Committee.

International Congress of Jurists West Berlin- conference report-1952-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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