International year of human rights: report & conclusions of the Conference of Jurists on Right to Freedom of Movement

“The theme of this Conference was chosen in consultation with the Indian Commission of Jurists and the Mysore State Commission of Jurists. Its choice was actuated by two important considerations.

The first was the fact that the growing tendency of States to restrict this right has made this topic one of prime importance for the individual today. Secondly, freedom of movement had attracted particular notice in India in view of certain recent illuminating judgments of the Supreme Court of India relating to freedom of movement both within and outside a country.

The Conclusions arrived at by the Conference are the result of careful examination and discussion of the various aspects of the right to freedom of movement and careful consideration of the limitations which could be legitimately placed on the right. They will doubtless make a valuable contribution to the jurisprudence
on human rights. Attention should also be drawn to the fact that a Special Committee was constituted at the Bangalore Conference to consider a proposal for the setting up of a Council of Asia and the Pacific on lines similar to the Council of Europe.”

The three Working Papers, which provided a basis for the discussions both in the Committee and in the Plenary Sessions of the Conference, were prepared by distinguished Indian lawyers. They are the following:

  • Right to Frecdom of Movement Within a Country, by A.N. Jayaram, C.R. Somasekheran and S. Vijayashankar
  • Right to Freedom of Movement Outside One’s Country, by M.P. Chandra Kantaraj Urs
  • Proposal for the Setting up of a Council of Asia and the Pacific, by Purshottam Trikamdas.

The Working Papers were also published separately, with a preface by ICJ Secretary-General Seân MacBride.

right to freedom of movement-seminar report-1968-eng (full text in English, PDF)

right to freedom of movement-seminar working papers-1968-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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