Joint NGO Submission on implementation of European Court judgments

The ICJ, jointly with other human rights NGOs, has presented comments on the measures needed to strengthen implementation of European Court of Human Rights judgments, in a submission to the Council of Europe ad hoc Working Party on Reform of the European Convention System.

The NGO comments to the Committee of Ministers Working Party on Reform of the European Convention System (GT‐REF.ECHR) analyse the measures that need to be taken under Chapter C of the Brussels Declaration and Action Plan on Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights, agreed by Council of Europe Member States in March 2015.

They recommend inter alia that where a state fails to fully execute a judgment, a greater variety of graduated measures should be identified, sequenced, and applied, including measures under Article 46(4) ECHR.

Europe-Brussels Declaration Chapter C.-Advocacy-analysis brief-2015-ENG (full text in PDF)



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