Jurists denounce stalling of democratic process in Haiti

The ICJ strongly denounces the assassination of a number of persons, including Mr Antoine Izmery (photo), a political personality closely associated to President Aristide, on 11 September.

The ICJ says these numerous violations of the Rule of Law jeopardize Haiti’s long awaited return to democracy.

These serious crimes may compromize all chances of the country to live again in peace and serenity.

The obvious purpose of these acts is to destabilize the process that begun on 3 July 1993, with the signing of the Governor’s Island Accord. These attacks have prompted the ICJ to react and renew its support to the people of Haiti.

The main purpose of the ICJ is to contribute to the universal respect for the Rule of Law and the furtherance of democratic values which are essential to the promotion of development policies and social reform that, in turn, provide a basis for the realization of the potential of all human beings.

The ICJ, therefore, strongly encourages the authorities of Haiti to conduct an investigation and bring those responsible to justice. For the preservation of national cohesion and in the name of the principles of justice and equity it is of the utmost importance that the perpetrators of these crimes be held accountable.

The efforts of the Government of Haiti at the present time should not be compromized by the criminal acts of those nostalgic of the dictatorial regime of the past. The people of Haiti must enjoy, once again, the rights and freedoms it has longed for.

The international community has the duty to take measures to ensure the re-establishment of democracy in Haiti. It must put pressure on the military authorities and involve itself to a greater extent so as to ensure respect for the Governor’s Island Accord and the return of President Aristide to Haiti.

The ICJ reiterates its commitment to assist in the re-establishing of a State authentically based on the principle of the Rule of Law, in which the rights of the individual and the protection of human rights may at last be guaranteed.

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