Jurists welcome the nomination of Mary Robinson as new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The ICJ warmly welcomed today the nomination by the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, of Mary Robinson, former ICJ Member, to the post of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The nomination of an ardent human rights defender to this post constitutes a landmark in human rights history and is a source of encouragement for the entire community of non-governmental organizations. The ICJ believes that the choice that has been made will greatly contribute to the cause of justice around the world.

The ICJ views Mary Robinson as the perfect choice for a position where her great experience both as a stateswoman and as a grassroots human rights worker will be fully applied for the advancement of our common struggle.

The ICJ looks forward in closely collaborating with the new UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and wishes her all the best for the challenging and meaningful task that lies in front of her.

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