Justice in Hungary today: third report of the International Commission of Jurists on the Hungarian situation and the rule of law, September 1, 1957-January 31, 1958

This report is the third to be issued by the International Commission of Jurists on the Rule of Law in Hungary.

The two previous reports, published in April 1957 and June 1957 respectively, sought to make known the facts concerning the administration of justice in Hungary on the basis of the laws published and accounts of arrests and trials given by the Hungarian authorities themselves.

The report here presented covers the period September 1, 1957 to January 31, 1958. The object of the International Commission of Jurists in publishing these reports has been to provide an incontrovertible basis of fact which may be submitted to the judgment of world public opinion and in particular may be assessed in the light of the general principles of law recognized by civilized nations.

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