JUSTICE journal : essential learning for all interested in human rights and law reform

JUSTICE (the British section of the International Commission of Jurists) has launched the JUSTICE Journal which is a new six-monthly publication.

It aims to promote debate on topical issues relating to human rights and the rule of law.

The journal focuses on JUSTICE’s core areas of expertise and concern: – human rights – criminal justice – asylum – equality – EU justice and home affairs – UK legal system from terrorism to constitutional reform.

Tackling the big issues of the moment, the JUSTICE Journal covers the political and legislative developments affecting human rights and the rule of law in the UK and beyond.

The EU Constitution and Charter, enlargement, mutual recognition and counter-terrorism measures – the JUSTICE Journal examines the implications for human rights as the evolution of the European Union gathers pace. For more information,  visit http://www.justice.org.uk/resources.php?category=6&action=search&submitted=Search


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