Kazakh government must step up efforts to advance women’s access to justice

Many women in Kazakhstan face a range of serious legal and procedural challenges and obstacles when seeking justice for discrimination and gender-based violence, a new ICJ report says.

Launched today, the report Women’s Access to Justice in Kazakhstan: Identifying the Obstacles and Need for Change assesses some of these challenges and the deficits of legal protection, and access to remedy for violations, in situations of discrimination and sexual and domestic violence.

The report also underlines that significant flaws and gaps in Kazakhstan’s legal and procedural framework dealing with discrimination and violence against women undermine the ability of women to seek legal redress.

“Advancing gender equality and preventing violence and discrimination against women requires sustained engagement and long-term commitment, it is not a static process,” said Leah Hoctor, Senior Legal Adviser for ICJ’s Women’s Human Rights Programme. “Kazakhstan should take serious measures to address the issues identified in this report so as to ensure its laws and procedures address women’s needs and protect their rights in practice.”

The report details the way in which international human rights law obliges Kazakhstan to take effective and meaningful steps to ensure its legal framework adequately deals with discrimination and violence against women.

“This report provides both government actors, civil society representatives and the legal profession with important guidance as to the content of Kazakhstan’s international obligations to advance women’s access to justice,” said Temur Shakirov, Legal Adviser for ICJ’s Europe Programme.


Leah Hoctor: leah.hoctor(a)icj.org

Temur Shakirov: temur.shakirov(a)icj.org

Kazakhstan-Women’s Access to Justice-Publications-Report-2013 (full text in pdf)

Kazakhstan-Women’s Access to Justice-press release-2013-RUS (full text in pdf)

Kazakhstan-Women’s Access to Justice-Publications-Report-2013-RUS (full text in pdf)

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