Kyrgyz Republic: ICJ report examines the establishment of a new Bar Association

Today the ICJ published a final report on the reform of the legal profession in the Kyrgyz Republic and creation of a unified bar association.

The report sets out the ICJ’s observations and provides recommendations on the issues that should be addressed as a matter of priority in the course of the reform.

“Resolving these issues will lay the foundations for a strong Kyrgyz legal profession based on international law and standards on the independence of lawyers,” said Róisín Pillay, ICJ Europe Programme Director.

The report welcomes the establishment of a unified Advokatura as an important step both for lawyers and the whole justice system as lawyers play an essential role in any legal system in upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights.

However, the report notes that the establishment of a legal and institutional framework is only the first step in creating an independent, self-regulated profession capable of ensuring integrity and high professional standards.

The ICJ stresses the importance of the momentum as well as the privileged position of lawyers who became the leadership of the new Advokatura.

“It is the vision and actions of these people that will shape the future of the legal profession in the country,” Róisín Pillay added.

The report is based on the ICJ’s mission to the Kyrgyz Republic in September 2015, organized to assess, examine and analyze the reform in terms of the functioning of the legal profession.

An ICJ team met with various representatives of the Advokatura, including members of the Council of the Advokatura and the Advokatura’s constituent bodies, such as the Ethics Commission, the Committee to Protect the Rights of Advocates and the Legislation Committee of Advokatura.

The ICJ, in cooperation with the Training Centre of Advokatura, held a round table discussion with lawyers and held meetings with members of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary.

Kyrgyzstan-New Advokatura-News-Web Story-2016-RUS  (Story in Russian, PDF)

Kyrgyzstan-New Advokatura-Publications-Reports-Fact Finding Mission Report-2016-ENG (Report in English, PDF)

Kyrgyzstan-New Advokatura-Publications-Reports-Fact Finding Mission Report-2016-RUS (Report in Russian, PDF)

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