Legal memorandum: Argentinas’s Full Stop and Due Obedience laws

The ICJ and Amnesty International have repeatedly expressed their concern about the incompatibility of Argentina’s Full Stop Law, Law No. 23,492 of 12 December 1986, and Due Obedience Law, Law No. 23,521 of 4 June 1987, with international law.

In particular, these laws are incompatible with Argentina’s obligation to bring to justice and punish the perpetrators of gross violations of human rights.

Until now these laws have been used to obstruct the investigation of thousands of cases of forced disappearance, torture and extrajudicial execution committed between 1976 and 1983 when the military governments were in power.

Argentina-nationallaws-legal submission-2003-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Argentina-nationallaws-partI-legal submission-2003-spa (part I in Spanish, PDF)

Argentina-nationallaws-partII-legal submission-2003-spa (part II in Spanish, PDF)



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