New Europe – making rights real, conference of the European sections of the International Commission of Jurists

We commend to our readers the materials of the ICJ European Conference “New Europe – Making Rights Real” which took place from 30 September to 3 October 1999 in Warsaw.

The Conference is a regular event organised by the Standing Committee of the European Sections of the ICJ.

Contained in this volume are official speeches made at the opening session, an inaugural presentation, materials from different working groups including introductory presentations, as well as all sorts of information necessary to provide a clear picture of the Conference’s proceedings.

Since the Conference had set itself a very pragmatic goal of key importance to its implementation was a publication of all documents which outline the standard of activities of the ICJ European Section for the future. First of all these are recommendations and an Action Plan.

Recommendations are in a sense a record of discussions held in different working groups. They were being compiled as the Conference was in progress. The recommendations not only allow a reader to get a glimpse of which problems were discussed, but also give an opportunity for every reader to see what in the opinion of the participants should be accomplished to guarantee that the rights are made real.

Action Plan lists practical measures which the ICJ European Section intends to undertake in the next two years.

Also published are: Agenda of the Conference; Participants of the Conference; Guests of the Conference; Standing Committee of the European Section of the ICJ; Organizing Committee; and Conference staff.

Published is also the text of resolution adopted by the Conference in reaction to serious violations of human rights in Belarus.

new europe making rights real-conference report-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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