New publication: ICJ trial observation manual

The ICJ announces the publication of its new Trial Observation Manual. Almost 50 years ago, the ICJ pioneered the practice of sending trial observers where there were grave concerns about the integrity of legal proceedings. This continues to be one of the main field.

The ICJ’s Trial Observation Manual contains five sections aimed at addressing the trial observation from its initial stages to its conclusion.

The first three sections – Before, During and After the Trial Observation – encompass the main body of the operational guidelines. A section on International Standards provides an easy reference to human rights standards applicable to fair trial and their basic interpretation under international law.

We encourage the ICJ network and other members of the international human rights monitoring legal community to use this manual when conducting trial observations.

We would also encourage the manual’s users to send feedback and comments to us for its future improvement.

Hard copies are also available from the Secretariat free of charge for the ICJ network, subject to postage and handling charges.

ICJ Trial Observation Manual (full text, PDF)