Parliamentary and Presidential elections in Malawi: report of the team of observers of the ICJ

The IICJ, on behalf of the European Economic Community, commissioned a team of African experts to monitor the parliamentary and presidential elections in Malawi that took place on 17th Mav 1994.

This mission was a follow up on an earlier mission of the ICJ that monitored the referendum conducted in June 1993 regarding the issue of whether or not Malawi would adopt a multiparty form of government.

The general terms of reference of the observer group were: To monitor the impartiality of the electoral authorities; the complete freedom of association, movement, assembly and expression of support of the alternative groups; verification that the voters polls are properly drawn up, that qualified voters are not denied identification and registration cards or the right to vote; to report to the electoral authorities on complaints, irregularities and interference reported or observed, if necessary requesting the electoral authorities to take action to resolve or rectify all activities related to the organization of the poll, and to prepare periodic reports on the fairness and freedom of the different stages of the electoral process.

Malawi-elections-mission report-1994-eng (full text inEnglish, PDF)

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