Report of the follow-up mission to the Dar Es Salaam seminar on human rights, their protection and the rule of law in a one party state

After the seminar in Dar es Salaam some participants suggested that it might be useful if a mission comprising one of the leading African participants with a representative of the ICJ were to visit the countries from which the participants came.

The purpose would be to discuss with the relevant authorities and with some of the participants both the existing implementation and the possible further implementation of the conclusions of the seminar.

Mr. Justice F.M. Chomba, then a Judge of the Supreme Court of Zambia and formerly the Investigator-General of Zambia, kindly agreed to lead such a mission. He was accompanied by Mr. Hans Thoolen, the Executive Secretary of the ICJ. The purpose of this mission  was to provide an opportunity for constructive discussion in the countries from which the participants came on the implementation of the Dar es Salaam recommendations.

The report focuses on:

  • party and parliament
  • the judiciary and the legal profession
  • preventive detention
  • ombudsman institutions
  • education and propaganda in human rights and the principles of the rule of law
  • freedom of expression
  • the international bill of human rights
  • the role of the law and the lawyers

Dar es salaam-human rights rule of law-seminar follow up mission-1978-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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