Report of the International Mission of Jurists to Singapore, July 1987

An International Mission of Jurists visited Singapore from 5 to 9 July 1987 to investigate the detentions under the Internal Security Act of twenty-two women and men accused of participating in a Marxist conspiracy.

The purpose of the Mission was to provide an independent report on the situation, so as to better inform the human rights groups represented by the Mission and the wider international community.

The report contains nine Chapters, dealing with:

  1. Account of the Mission
  2. The Historical Context
  3. The Internal Security Act
  4. The 1987 Detentions
  5. The Charges Against the Detainees
  6. Profiles of the Detainees
  7. Descriptions of the Organisations Implicated
  8. Evidence to the Mission
  9. Conclusions

Singapore-detention-fact finding report-1987-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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