Report, video: extractive companies, human rights and protests in Peru

Today, the ICJ published a new report (in Spanish) analysing the impact of extractive companies on economic, social and cultural rights of many local communities in the country. Mining activities have resulted in massive social protests in Peru recently.

Planning, exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Peru are often linked with violation of economic, social and cultural rights of indigenous and rural communities, the report says.

The study also analyses the response of the State to the demands of the communities, following abuses and violence generated by the mining activities and projects.

It formulates recommendations to the Peruvian authorities to ensure the protection of human rights of local communities, safeguard the environment in which they live, and end the violations they face.

The report is the result of a field mission in Peru, in which participated María Clara Galvis, a Colombian lawyer, Rafael Uzcátegui, a Venezuelan sociologist, and Sandra Ratjen, ICJ Senior Legal Adviser on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Peru-DESC extractives-Publications-Reports-Facts Finding Mission Report-2016-SPA (full report, in PDF, Spanish)

On Video: testimonials

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