Attacks on Justice 2005: Spain

Europe and Central Asia
Issue: Independence of Judges and Lawyers
Document Type: Publication
Date: 2008

After considering the events that have taken place in the legal field since 2002, we can conclude that no relevant attacks on judicial independence have occurred that would affect the very fabric of its foundation.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention a few circumstances which have influenced or led to the introduction of certain legislation, procedures and judicial practices, in particular the 3/11 Madrid bombings, claimed by Al Qaida, and the gradual social awareness of the level of gender-related crime, primarily involving violence against women.

This awareness has compelled government, Congress and the Senate to enact a series of laws compelling both prosecutors and judges to take special measures with regard to acts of gender-based violence.

Another issue worth mentioning that will later be addressed in greater depth is the changing relationship between the autonomous regions and the judiciary on matters such as the conflict in the Basque country, where an overall climate of pressure and threats is unfortunately still affecting the independence of the judiciary. We should add that pressure from the media with regard to these matters is also intense.

Spain-Attacks on Justice 2005-Publications-2008 (full text, PDF)

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