ICJ comments on Draft Federal Law on selection of judges in Russia

Europe and Central Asia
Issue: Independence of Judges and Lawyers
Document Type: Legal Submission
Date: 2015

The ICJ has published its comments and recommendations regarding the Draft Federal Law № 314591-6.

This Draft Federal Law is “On introduction of amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation on the Status of Judges in the Russian Federation, the Federal Law on the bodies of judicial community in the Russian Federation and the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation”.

It said that while the Draft Law provides an opportunity to address some of the shortcomings of the selection system, provided that it takes account of the systemic defects from which the judicial examination process suffers.

However, the Draft Law in its current form falls short of addressing the existing problems.

The ICJ made recommendations for additional measures to be included in the Draft Law.

More detailed recommendations on other aspects of judicial appointment are included in the 2014 ICJ report.

Russia-Comment on Draft Federal Law No 3145591-Advocacy-Legal submission-2015-ENG (full text in PDF, English version)

Russia-Comment on Draft Federal Law No 3145591-Advocacy-Legal submission-2015-RUS (full text in PDF, Russian version)

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