ICJ message to Fiji Governor-General

Issue: Civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights
Document Type: Open Letter
Date: 1987

The ICJ has sent today the a message to the Governor-General of Fiji, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau.

It says: “The International Commission of Jurists, which works to promote the Rule of Law and legal protection of human rights in all parts of the world, has been following with concern recent events in Fiji.

“It strongly supports your Excellency’s efforts to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy by lawful means.

“It is glad to note that the independence of the judiciary is being maintained, and supports the stand taken by the Fiji’s judges concerning the military coup and the abuse of Public Emergency Regulations by police and security forces.

“It welcomes and supports the action taken by the Fiji Law Society to uphold the Rule. It shares its concern about the abuses of emergency regulations and violations of individual freedoms, and has been relieved to learn that there has recently been a marked reduction in such violations.”

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