ICJ Review no. 50 (June 1993)

Document Type: Publication
Date: 1993

The purpose of the Review is to focus attention on the problems in regard to which lawyers can make their contribution to society in their respective areas of influence and to provide them with the necessary information and data.

This edition marks the 25th anniversary of the first UN Conference on Human Rights held in Tehran and was published the same year as the second UN Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna in June 1993. Over these 25 years there have been as many historical breakthroughs in human rights as genuine disappointments. The UN Conference on Human Rights took place against a background of unimaginable violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Somalia.

In addition, this edition features:

  • Introduction by Adama Dieng, ICJ Secretary-General
  • Articles:
    • -The universality of human rights, by Fali S. Nariman
    • -Conditionality, by Kofi Kumado
    • -International human rights mechanisms, by Helena M. Cook
    • -A system of international criminal prosecution is taking shape, by Christian Tomuschat
    • -Women’s human rights, by Florence Butegwa
    • -The human rights of the child, by Joaquin Ruiz-Giménez
    • -Non-governmental organizations and the UN World Conference on Human Rights, by Fateh Azzam
  • Commentaries:
    • -New models of human rights protection: preventive peacekeeping by Bertrand G. Ramcharan
    • -The Global Campaign for Women’s Human Rights, by Charlotte Bunch
  • Documents:
    • -ICJ preliminary evaluation of the UN World Conference on Human Rights
    • -Appeal by Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
  • Basic text:
    • -Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

ICJ Review-50-1993-eng (full text in English, PDF)
ICJ Review-50-1993-spa (full text in Spanish, PDF)



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