Russia: ICJ submission to Human Rights Committee

Europe and Central Asia
Issue: UN Mechanisms
Document Type: Legal Submission
Date: 2009

The ICJ provides its views to the Human Rights Committee, in advance of the preparation of the list of issues for the Periodic Report of the Russian Federation.

This submission focuses on violations of human rights in the context of counter-terrorism and counter-extremism laws and practices, and on erosion of the independence of judges and lawyers. In particular, the ICJ wishes to highlight the lack of independent and effective investigations, and impunity, for gross violations of human rights in counter-terrorism operations in Chechnya and the North Caucuses; increasing harassment of lawyers; harassment and restrictions on the rights of human rights defenders; and extradition and other transfers of suspects to countries within the Shanghi Co-operation Organisation, in violation of the duty of non-refoulement to face a danger of torture or other serious violation of human rights.

Russian Federation-ICJ submission to Human Rights Committee-legal submission-2009 (full text, PDF)

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