Regional Conference on Legal Education – a Report on the Proceedings of the Conference, Singapore 1962

Issue: Global Security
Document Type: Seminar and Conference Report
Date: 1962

Though legal studies were started in Southeast Asia many years ago, it must be admitted that a great deal has yet to be done to place legal studies on a sound academic footing and to consolidate the efforts of law teachers on an all-Southeast-Asian basis.

Moreover, there is a special responsibility on the part of the legal profession and particularly on the teachers of law in all countries where freedom of thought and liberty of expression of opinion are respected and the government is subjected to the Rule of Law. The teacher of law can help in creating an atmosphere in which the Rule of Law can flourish in this region by fostering the growth and instilling among the law students the importance of the Rule of Law.

legal education-conference report-1962-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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