The Constitution of Cambodia contains 14 Chapters and 139 Articles.

The Chapters are the following:

  1. Sovereignty
  2. The King
  3. The Rights and Obligations of Khmer Citizens
  4. On Policy
  5. Economy
  6. Education, Culture, Social Affairs
  7. The Assembly
  8. The Royal Government
  9. The Judiciary
  10. The Constitutional Court
  11. The Administration
  12. The National Congress
  13. Effects, Revision and Amendments of the Constitution
  14. Transitional Provisions

“Article 1 – Cambodia is a Kingdom with a King who shall rule according to the Constitution and to the principles of liberal democracy and pluralism. The Kingdom of Cambodia shall be an independent, sovereign, peaceful, permanently neutral and non-aligned country.”

Cambodia-Constitution-1993-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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