In the course of their millennia-old history, the Vietnamese people, working diligently, creatively, and fighting courageously to construct and defend their country, have forged a tradition of patriotism, solidarity, humaneness and righteousness, perseverance and indomitableness, and have created Vietnamese civilisation and culture. Starting in 1930, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam formed and trained by President Ho Chi Minh, our people waged a protracted revolutionary struggle full of hardships and sacrifices for the independence and freedom of the nation and happiness of the people. August Revolution was successful, and on 2 September 1945, President Ho Chi Minh announced the Declaration of Independence, founding the Democratic Republic of Vietnam which is now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. With the will and the power of entire nation, and with the assistance of friends across the world, our people have gained great victories in national liberation wars, unified the country, defended the Fatherland, fulfilled international duties, attained historic great achievements in the task of renovation, leading the nation to socialism. Institutionalising the Political Creed of building the nation during the transitional period to socialism, and inheriting the 1946 Constitution, 1959 Constitution, 1980 Constitution, and 1992 Constitution, the Vietnamese People frame, implement, and protect this Constitution for the objectives of wealthy people, powerful nation, democracy, justice, and civilisation.

The Constitution contains 11 Chapters and 120 Articles.

The Chapters cover the following:

  1. Political system
  2. Human rights and citizen’s fundamental rights and duties
  3. Economy, society, culture, education, science, technology, and environment
  4. Defence of the Fatherland
  5. The National Assembly
  6. The State President
  7. The Government
  8. People’s Court and People’s Procuracy
  9. The local government
  10. The National Council of Election and the State Audit
  11. The effect of the Constitution and the amendment of the Constitution

VietNam-Constitution-2013-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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