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Criminal Code, Sections 34-37 (forfeiture of property) (1956)

Section 34. All properties:
(1) Which have been given under Section 143, Section 144, Section 149, Section 150, Section 167, Section 201 or Section 202; or
(2) Which have been given in order to induce a person to commit an offence, or as a reward to a person for committing an offence, shall be forfeited wholly, unless those properties belong to the other person who does not connive at the commission of the offence.

Section 35. The properties forfeited by the Court’s judgment shall be vested in the State, the Court may give judgment such properties to be rendered useless, or to be destroyed.

Section 36. In case of the Court has already given order for the forfeiture of the properties according to Section 33 or Section 34, if it appears afterwards by the submission of the real owner that he has not connived at the commission of such offence, the Court shall give order for the return of the properties if such properties are still in the possession of the official. But the submission of the real owner shall be made to the Court within one year reckoning from the day of the final judgment.

Section 37. If the person who is ordered by the Court to deliver the forfeited property does not deliver it within the time determined by the Court, the Court shall have the power to give order as follows:
(1) To seize such property;
(2) To pay its value, or to seize other property of such person to compensate for its value in full; or
(3) In case of the Court is of opinion that such person can deliver the property ordered to be delivered, but does not deliver it, or such person can pay its value, but does not pay, the Court shall have the power to confine such person until such person complies with the order, but the period of confinement shall not exceed one year. But, if, afterwards, it appears to the Court itself or by the submission of such person that such person cannot deliver the property or pay its value, the Court may give order to release such person before the expiration of such period.

link to the full text of the Criminal Code: Thailand-Criminal Code-1956-eng

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