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Criminal Procedure Law, Articles 26, 32, 42, 46 to 48 and 50 (1990)

This extract contains:

Part III. Investigation-Interrogation of Criminal Cases

Chapter 1. Commencement of investigation-Interrogation in Criminal Cases

Article 26. Events and Basis for the Comment of Investigation-Interrogation in Criminal Cases

Chapter 2. Investigation-Interrogation

Article 32. Term for Investigation-Interrogation

Article 42. Seizure and Sequestration of Assets

Chapter 4. Preventative Measures

Article 46. Preventative Custody

Article 47. Arrests

Article 48. Arrests in the Case of Offenses Committed within the sight [of Officials] and in Urgent Cases

Article 50. Imprisonment

Laos-Criminal Procedure Law, Articles 26, 32, 42, 46-48 and 50-1990-eng (text in English, PDF)

link to the full text of the Act: Laos-Criminal Procedure Law-1990-eng

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