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Criminal Procedure Law (2004, 2012)

This is the amendment of the laws of 1990 and 2004.

Article 1. (modified). Purposes

The Law on Criminal Procedure defines principles, regulations, and measures on criminal procedure which aims to deal with criminal cases correctly and fairly, to stop and eradicate crimes, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, to ensure social security and public order, and to create circumstances for the multi-ethnic people to participate in the protection and development of the nation.

Article 2. (modified) Criminal Proceedings

Criminal case refers to the dangerous actions, or ignorance, affecting to the Lao political regime, economics or society, state ownership, common interests belonging to public and private, life, health, dignity, rights, freedom, peace, and the social order prescribing in the Penal Code  and other Lao laws which deliver criminal penalties.

Criminal proceedings refer to the process whereby investigators, public prosecutors, the people’s courts and other parties participating in the criminal process in order to search out wrongful acts urgently, completely,   and thoroughly in order to take offenders to proceedings, to ensure the correct application of the laws, justice, to not allow offenders to escape from punishment, and to avoid punishing those who are innocent.

The Law contains 14 Parts and 275 Articles.

  1. General Provisions
  2. General Principles of Criminal Proceedings
  3. Evidence in Criminal Proceedin
  4. Organisations and Participants in Criminal Proceedings
  5. Investigation Process
  6. Investigation and Prevention Measures
  7. Rights and Duties of Public Prosecutors in Monitoring and Inspecting Adherence to Laws by Investigation Organizations, and the Order to Make Complaint
  8. Proceedings in the Court of First Instance
  9. Proceedings on Appeal
  10. Proceedings in the Court of Cassation
  11. Judgment Enforcement
  12. Re-opening of the Case
  13. Treatment Measures
  14. International Cooperation in Criminal Proceedings

Laos-Criminal Procedure Law-2004-2012-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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