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Law on Counter Terrorism, Articles 79-90 (2007)

This extract contains:

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 3. Definitions

Chapter 11. Financing of, and Material Assistance for, Terrorism

  1. Freezing of property of certain persons
  2. Freezing of tainted property
  3. Seizure of property
  4. Forfeiture of property
  5. Charge or conviction not necessary
  6. Mingled property
  7. Onus on person opposing order
  8. Setting aside of all acts that attempt to create obstacles to forfeiture, etc.
  9. Dealing by State with forfeited property
  10. Surveillance
  11. Bank secrecy
  12. Suppressing barriers to frozen or seized property

Cambodia-Law on Counter Terrorism-Articles 79 to 90-eng (full text in English, PDF)

link to full text of the Law on Counter-Terrorism: Cambodia-Law on Counter Terrorism-2007-eng

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