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Malaysia Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act – Act 37 (1971, 2006)

An Act to provide increased penalties for the use of firearms in the commission of certain offences and for certain offences relating to firearms, and to make special provision relating to the jurisdiction of courts in respect of offences thereunder and their trial.

The Act contains 12 sections, as follows:

1. Short title, application, commencement and duration
2. Interpretation
3. Penalty for discharging a firearm in the commission of a scheduled offence
3A. Penalty for accomplices in case of discharge of firearm
4. Penalty for exhibiting a firearm in the commission of a scheduled offence
5. Penalty for having firearm in the commission of a scheduled offence
6. Penalty  for  exhibiting  an  imitation  firearm  in  the  commission  of  a scheduled offence
7. Penalty for trafficking in firearms
8. Penalty for unlawful possession of firearms
9. Penalty for consorting with persons carrying arms
10. Jurisdiction of Sessions Court
11. Special provisions relating to transmission of a case to, and trial by, the High Court
12. No bail to be granted in respect of offences under this Act

Malaysia-Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act-1971-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Malaysia-Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act-1971-zlm (full text in Malay, PDF)

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