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Penal Law, Articles 6, 8 and 12 to 16 (2005)

Chapter III. Infractions and offenders

Article 6.  Definition of infraction

All acts or abstentions seen as dangerous for the political, economic and social system of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, for the properties of the state, the collectivity and individuals, for the lives, health, rights and freedom of the population, for the national stability and social order as mentioned in the penal law will be considered as penal infractions.

All acts or abstentions with all components of penal infractions but generating lesser social damages shall not be considered as penal infractions.

Article 8. Voluntary infractions

Voluntary infractions are acts or abstentions undertaken by the offender fully knowing about their dangerous nature for society and about their consequence while willingly undertaking them or leaving them to happen.

Article 12. Preparations of infraction

Preparations of acts of infraction are preparations of materials, conditions or other factors for voluntary acts of infraction.

Such preparations of infraction will only be liable of sanctions if deemed dangerous for society as mentioned in the specific section of this Penal Law.

Preparations of infraction will be sanctioned according to articles presiding penalties called by such acts.

Article 13Attempts of infraction

Attempts of infraction are acts which have started to be voluntarily implemented, but suspended because of independent circumstances making such acts not successful.

Attempts of infraction are liable of penalties if deemed dangerous for society as mentioned in the specific section of this Penal Law.

Attempts of infraction will be punished according to articles prescribing penalties called by such acts.

Article 14. Voluntary suspension of acts of infractions

Any individual voluntarily suspending his act of infraction during its preparation or its attempt will not be liable for any penal responsibilities, except if such act comprises components of other acts of infraction.

Article 15. Definition of offender

An offender is an individual guilty of an act or abstention deemed dangerous for society and comprising components of infractions mentioned by the law.

Article 16. Participation to infraction

Participation to infraction consist of voluntary participation to an intentional infraction by two of more persons.

Participants to infraction are the authors, implanting, inciting and assisting persons.

  1. The author is the one who planned, organized or given instructions to commit the infraction;
  2. the perpetrator is the one who has directly committed the infraction;
  3. inceptors are persons pushing others to commit infractions;
  4. Accomplices are persons who have given voluntary assistance in the infraction or prior agreement to hide the offender, instruments, and tools of infraction, to efface traces of infraction or to conceal proceeds from such infractions

link to complete text of the Penal Law: Laos-Penal Law-2001-2005-eng

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