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Penal Code (2009)

Article 1: Implementation Boundary of Penal Code

The penal code specifies the offences, points out the persons who could be declared as responsible for the offences and determine the penalties as well as the modalities of their application.

Article 2: Definition and Classification of Offences

The law provides that certain acts of natural persons or legal entities which create social disturbance are offences. Offences are classified, according to their severity, as felonies, misdemeanours and petty crimes.

In necessary cases, legal instruments issued by executive body may state petty crimes which are penalized by monetary fine only.

The Penal Law consists of four Parts, Books, Titles, Chapters and 703 Articles.

The Parts are the following:

  1. Fundamental Principles
  2. Crime against Persons
  3. Offence against Properties
  4. Offences against the Nation

Cambodia-Penal Code-2009-eng (full text in English, PDF)

Cambodia-Penal Code-2009-khm (full text in Khmer, PDF)

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