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Penal Code – Act 574, Sections 130D-130K, 130M, 130N, 130P-130S (1936, rev. 1997)

The Sections cover the following:


Section 130D. Providing devices to terrorist groups.
Section 130E. Recruiting persons to be members of terrorist groups or to participate in terrorist acts.
Section 130F. Providing training and instruction to terrorist groups and persons committing terrrorist acts.
Section 130G. Inciting, promoting or soliciting property for the commission of terrorist acts.
Section 130H. Providing facilities in support of terrorist acts.
Section 130I. Directing activities of terrorist groups.
Section 130J. Soliciting or giving support to terrorist groups or for the commission of terrorist acts.
Section 130K. Harbouring persons committing terrorist acts.
Section 130M. Intentional ommission to give information relating to terrorist acts.

Suppression of financing of terrorist acts

Section 130N. Providing or collecting property for terrorist acts.
Section 130P. Arranging for retention or control of terrorist property.
Section 130Q. Dealing with terrorist property
Section 130R. Intentional omission to give information about terrorist property
Section 130S. Intentional omission to give information relating to terrorism financing offence

Malaysia-Penal Code Act-Sec 130Dto130K-130M-130N-130Pto130S-1936-1997-eng

link to the text of the Penal Code: Malaysia-Penal Code Act-1936-1997-eng (this text does not include Chapter VIA)

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