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Penal Code of Indonesia (1999)

The Penal Code of Indonesia consists of three Books, 48 Chapters and 569 articles.

Book 1. General Provisions

  1. Extent of operation of the statutory penal provisions
  2. Punishments
  3. Exclusion, mitigation and enhancement of punishment
  4. Attempt
  5. Participation in punishable acts
  6. Conjunction of punishable acts
  7. Filing and withdrawal of complaint in crimes to be prosecuted only upon complaint
  8. Lapse of the right to prosecute and of the punishment
  9. Sense of some expressions used in the Code

Book 2. Crimes

  1. Crimes against the security of the State
  2. Crimes against the dignity of the President and Vice President
  3. Crimes against friendly states and against heads and representatives of friendly states
  4. Crimes concerning the performance of state duties and state rights
  5. Crimes against the public order
  6. Duelling
  7. Crimes whereby the general security of persons or property is endangered.
  8.  Crimes against public authority
  9. Perjury and false testimony
  10. Counterfeit of coins and currency- and bank notes
  11. Forgery of seals and marks
  12. Forgery of writings
  13. Crimes against the civil status of persons
  14. Crimes against decency
  15. Abandonment of destitutes
  16. Defamation
  17. Revelation of secrets
  18. Crimes against personal liberty
  19. Crimes against life
  20. Maltreatment
  21. Causing death or bodily harm
  22. Theft
  23. Extortion and blackmail
  24. Embezzlement
  25. Fraud
  26. Injury to creditors or rightful claimants
  27. Destruction or damage to property
  28. Crimes committed by officials
  29. Crimes relating to navigation – 29A. Crimes relating to aviation and aviation facilities
  30. Receiving stolen property, publishing and printing
  31. Provisions relating to recidivism common to various Chapters

Book 3. Misdemeanours

  1. Misdemeanours concerning the general security of persons and property and the public health
  2. Misdemeanours relating to public order
  3. Misdemeanours against the public authority
  4.  Misdemeanours relating to descent and marriage
  5. Misdemeanours relating to destitute persons
  6. Misdemeanours relating to morals
  7. Misdemeanours relating to yards and premises
  8. Misdemeanours by officials

Indonesia-Penal Code-1999-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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