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Prevention of Crime Act – Act 297 (1959, 1984)

The Act contains Parts and 23 Sections and 2 Schedules. They cover the following:

  1. Short title
  2. Interpretation

Part I.  Powers of Arrest and Remand

  1. Arrest and production before a Magistrate
  2. Procedure before Magistrate
  3. Duty to produce person in custody before a Magistrate
  4. Person in custody to be brought before Inquiry Officer
  5. Release of person remanded in custody

Part II. Inquiries

  1. Appointment of Inquiry Officers
  2. Duties and powers of Inquiry Officers li>
  3. Report of Inquiry Officer
  4. Review by the Minister of decision of Inquiry Officer

Part III. Registration

  1. Registration of persons believed to be members of any of the registrable categories
  2. Person to be registered to attend before a police officer
  3. Removal of name from the Register

Part IV. Consequences of registration

  1. Police supervision
  2. Registered person not to consort with other registered persons
  3. Double penalties for crimes of violence
  4. Loitering by a registered person in a public place, etc.
  5. Harbouring

Part V. General

  1. Powers of police to investigate, 20A. Arrest
  2. Taking and destruction of photographs and finger impressions
  3. Power to vary Schedules
  4. Regulations

Malaysia-Prevention of Crime Act-1959-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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