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Revised Penal Code (1930)

The Revised Penal Code consists of two Books, 20 Titles, Chapters and 367 Sections.

Book One. General Provisions regarding the Date of Enforcement and Application of the Provisions of this Code, and regarding the Offenses, the Persons Liable and the Penalties

Title One. Felonies and Circumstances which Affect Criminal Liability
Title Two. Persons Criminally Liable for Felonies
Title Three. Penalties
Title Four. Extinction of Criminal Liability
Title Five. Civil Liability

Book Two. Crimes and Penalties

Title One. Crimes against National Security and the Law of Nations
Title Two. Crimes against the Fundamental Laws of the State
Title Three. Crimes against Public Order
Title Four. Crimes against Public Interest
Title Five.  Crimes relative to Opium and other Prohibited Drugs
Title Six. Crimes against Public Morals
Title Seven. Crimes Committed by Public Officers
Title Eight. Crimes against Persons
Title Nine. Crimes against Personal Liberty and Security
Title Ten. Crimes against Property
Title Eleven. Crimes against Chastity
Title Twelve. Crimes against the Civil Status of Persons
Title Thirteen. Crimes against Honor
Title Fourteen. Quasi-Offences
Title Fifteen. Final Provisions

Philippines-Penal Code-1930-eng (full text in English, PDF)

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