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Syariah Criminal Procedure (Federal Territories) Act – Act 560 (1997, 2005)

Article 1 (2): This Act shall apply only to the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan.

The Act consists of 8 Parts, 231 Articles plus 2 Schedules.

I. Preliminary

II. General Provisions as to Criminal Court

III. Other General Provisions

  1. Of Information to Judge and Religious Enforcement Officer
  2. Of Arrest, Escape and Re-arrest
  3. Of Processes to Compel Appearance
  4. Of Processes to Compel the Production of Documents and Other Movable Property and for the Discovery of Persons Wrongfully Confined

IV. Information to the Religious Enforcement Officers and Their Powers to Investigate

V. Proceedings in Prosecutions

  1. Of the Jurisdiction of Courts in Trials
  2. Of Complaints to Judge
  3. Of the Charge
  4. Of Trials
  5. General Provisions of Trials
  6. Of the Mode of Taking and Recording Evidence in Trials
  7. Of the Judgment
  8. Of Sentences and the Carrying out Thereof
  9. Of Suspensions, Remissions and Commutations of Sentences
  10. Of Previous Acquittals or Convictions

VI. Of Appeal and Revision

  1. Of Appeals to the Syariah High Court
  2. Of Appeals to the Syariah Appeal Court
  3. Of Revision
  4. Proceedings in Cases of Certain Offences Affecting the Administration of Justice

VII. Supplementary Provisions

  1. Persons of Unsound Mind
  2. Of Prosecution
  3. Of Bail
  4. Special Provisions relating to Evidence
  5. Provisions as to Bonds
  6. Of the Disposal of Exhibits and of Property the Subject of Offences
  7. Of the Transfer of Criminal Cases
  8. Of Irregularities in Proceedings

VIII. General

Malaysia-Syariah Criminal Procedure Federal Territories Act-1997-2005-eng (full text in English, PDF)


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