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Montenegro – SOGI Legislation Country Report (2013)

Gender identity and sexual orientation are prohibited grounds of discrimination (Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination).

The Media Law prohibits the publication of information inciting discrimination, hatred or violence against persons on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.

Same-sex sexual activity was decriminalized in 1977.

The age of consent (14) is the same for same-sex and opposite-sex sexual activity as of 1977 (Criminal Code, c 18, art 206 and c 13, art 142(7))

The Asylum Law stipulates that “asylum shall be given to aliens in need of international protection in accordance with the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees” and further that discrimination is prohibited on any ground (though sexual orientation and gender identity are not explicitly enumerated in Art. 7).

80% of the cost of gender reassignment procedures are covered by the universal healthcare system.

link to full text in PDF: Montenegro-SOGI Legislation Country Report-2013-eng