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SOGI Casebook chapters Archives: Intersex

Richard Muasya v. the Hon. Attorney General, High Court of Kenya (2 December 2010)

Procedural Posture The petitioner, an intersex individual, brought suit alleging violations of constitutional rights. Facts The petitioner was born with both female and male genitalia. The petitioner’s parents gave him a male name but, as a result of his ambiguous gender, he did not obtain a birth certificate and thus could not acquire an identity […]

Sentencia T-912/08, Pedro v. Social Security et al., Constitutional Court of Colombia, Chamber of Revision (18 December 2008)

Procedural Posture Action brought before the civil court by the plaintiff father on behalf of his 5 year-old child against the office of Social Services and the General Northern Clinic. The civil court ruled against the plaintiff, asserting that the child was over the benchmark age for parental consent, that the mother had not given […]

Republic of the Philippines v. Jennifer Cagandahan, Supreme Court of the Philippines, Second Division (12 September 2008)

Procedural Posture In conformity with law, the plaintiff published the petition for name and gender change in a newspaper and had the petition posted. The solicitor general entered his appearance, and authorised a provincial prosecutor to appear on his behalf. At the hearing the plaintiff testified and presented the expert witness testimony of Dr Michael […]

In re Völling, Regional Court Cologne, Germany (6 February 2008)

Procedural Posture The plaintiff, an intersex individual, claimed that the defendant, a surgeon, had failed to provide him with adequate information as to the nature and extent of a surgical procedure. The procedure, which was performed by the defendant on 12 August 1977, resulted in the removal of female sexual organs including the plaintiff’s ovaries, […]

Sentencia SU 337/99, Constitutional Court of Colombia (12 May 1999)

Procedural Posture Action brought against the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare and the Office of the Public Advocate (Defensor del Pueblo de la Seccional del Departamento XX) by the plaintiff mother on behalf of her 8 year-old intersex child, NN. Neither defendant had been involved in the medical treatment of NN, but a medical team […]