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SOGI Casebook chapters Archives: Marriage

Halpern et al. v. Attorney General of Canada, Ontario Court of Appeal, Canada (10 June 2003)

Procedural Posture Constitutional challenge. The respondents argued that Canada’s common law definition of marriage violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The case was transferred from a lower trial court to the Divisional Court. The government appealed the Divisional Court’s opinion in the Court of Appeal for Ontario. On appeal the following groups intervened: […]

Communication No. 902/1999: New Zealand, CCPR/C/75/D/902/1999, Ms. Juliet Joslin et al. v. New Zealand, July 30, 2002

2.1 Ms. Joslin and Ms. Rowan commenced a lesbian relationship in January 1988. Since that point, they have jointly assumed responsibility for their children out of previous marriages. In living together, they have pooled finances and jointly own their common home. They maintain sexual relations. On 4 December 1995, they applied under the Marriage Act […]