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Concluding Observations, CAT/C/CRI/CO/2, 7 July 2008: Costa Rica

11. The Committee takes note of the efforts made by the State party to address cases of abuse of authority by border guards and prison staff, including specific recommendations that officials should avoid actions or omissions which violate rights. However, the Committee remains concerned at cases of abuse of immigrants and citizens, especially on the grounds of their sexual orientation and/or transsexual identity. The Committee considers  that,  in particular, the rules on public morals can grant the police and judges discretionary  power which, combined with prejudices and discriminatory attitudes, can lead to abuse against this group (arts. 2, 11 and 16).

Through training and awareness creation among those concerned, the  State  party should foster a policy of respect for human rights for all without discrimination. The State party should take steps to ensure continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation of the impact of the training and awareness creation  provided  for  police  officers, border guards and prison personnel.

18. The Committee expresses concern at the reports of sexual abuse and physical violence against homosexual and transsexual prisoners.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-CAT-Costa Rica-2008-eng