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Concluding Observations, CAT/C/RUS/CO/5, 11 December 2012: Russian Federation

Violent attacks because of race, ethnicity, or identity of the victims

15. The Committee is concerned at persistent reports of discrimination and abuses including violent attacks and abuses against Roma and other ethnic minorities, migrant workers, foreign nationals, and others targeted because of their identity or social marginalization, including the death in custody of a number of Roma in Kazan and Pskov in 2005-2011. The Committee is further concerned at reports that police have failed to promptly react to, or to carry out effective investigations and bring charges against all those responsible for violent attacks against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, such as alleged regarding the recent attacks on the “7 Free Days Club” in Moscow and the “Parisian Life Club” in Tyumen (arts. 2, 12, 13 and 16).

The State party should:

  1. Take effective measures to ensure the protection of all persons at risk, including Roma, persons belonging to ethnic minorities, migrant workers, LGBT persons and foreign nationals, including through enhanced monitoring. All acts of violence and discrimination against members of such groups should be promptly, impartially and effectively investigated, the perpetrators brought to justice, and redress provided to the victims. The Committee recommends that statistics be compiled regarding all crimes against members of such groups made vulnerable, and on the outcomes of investigations, prosecutions and remedial measures taken in relation to such crimes;
  2. Publicly condemn attacks against Roma, ethnic and other minorities, migrant workers, and LGBT persons and other persons at risk, and organize awareness-raising campaigns, including among the police, promoting tolerance and respect for diversity.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-CAT-Russian Federation-2012-eng