6. The Committee welcomes France’s creation of the High Authority to Combat  Discrimination and Promote Equality (la haute autorité de lutte contre les discriminations et pour l’egalité, HALDE), which has the power to receive individual complaints and act on its own  initiative  to  remedy  problems  of  discrimination  based  on  national  origin,  disability, health,  age,  gender,  family  and  marital  status,  trade  union  activity,  sexual  orientation, religious  beliefs,  physical  appearance,  surname,  and  genetic  characteristics.  HALDE  is empowered, pursuant to Act No. 2004/1486 of 30 December 2004, to recommend statutory or regulatory changes to public authorities and to suggest settlements to private companies, and has described its activities in comprehensive annual reports.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-HRC-France-2008-eng


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