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Concluding Observations, CRC/C/FRA/CO/5, 29 January 2016: France

III. Main areas of concern and recommendations

B. General principles (arts. 2, 3, 6 and 12)


23. The Committee welcomes the efforts made by the State party to combat discrimination. The Committee is concerned, however, about the persistence of discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity, disability, national origin, social and economic origin or other grounds. It further expresses its concern at the persistence of racial discrimination against and stigmatization of Roma children. The Committee is also concerned that the action plan for equality that replaced the “ABCD of Equality” programme was developed without the involvement of children, is not targeted specifically at children and lacks measurable objectives and a time frame.

24. The Committee reiterates its previous recommendation and urges the State party to strengthen its efforts to foster a culture of equality, tolerance and mutual respect, to prevent and combat persistent discrimination and to ensure that all cases of discrimination against children in all sectors of society are effectively addressed (see CRC/C/FRA/CO/4 and Corr.1, para. 31). The Committee also recommends that the State party strengthen its efforts to challenge gender stereotypes, including within the framework of the action plan for equality, with measurable objectives and a time frame, aimed specifically at children in all levels of education, and to make relevant training for educators compulsory.

D. Violence against children (arts. 19, 24 (3), 28 (2), 34, 37 (a) and 39)

Harmful practices

47. While noting with appreciation the progress made by the State party in eradicating female genital mutilation, the Committee is nevertheless concerned by the many young girls still at risk and the possible resurgence of the phenomenon. The Committee is also concerned that medically unnecessary and irreversible surgery and other treatment are routinely performed on intersex children.

48. Recalling the joint general recommendation/general comment No. 31 of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and No. 18 of the Committee on the Rights of the Child on harmful practices, the Committee recommends that the State party gather data with a view to understanding the extent of these harmful practices so that children at risk can be more easily identified and their abuse prevented. It recommends that the State party:

(a) Increase awareness of female genital mutilation in the State party among girls at risk, medical professionals, social workers, police officers, gendarmes, and magistrates;

(b) Develop and implement a rights-based health-care protocol for intersex children, ensuring that children and their parents are appropriately informed of all options; that children are involved, to the greatest extent possible, in decision-making about their treatment and care; and that no child is subjected to unnecessary surgery or treatment.

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