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Concluding Observations, CRC/C/KOR/CO/3-4, 2 February 2012: Republic of Korea


28. The Committee regrets that the State party’s draft Anti-discrimination Act was discarded without consideration at the National Assembly in December 2007 and that the legislative definition of discrimination does not contain an express prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation and nationality. Furthermore, the Committee is concerned at the multiple forms of discrimination that continue to persist in the State party, including those against children from multicultural or migrant backgrounds or who have come from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; refugee children; children with disabilities; and single mothers, particularly those who are adolescent, including with regard to their preclusion from State support measures.

29. The Committee urges the State party to:

  1. Expeditiously enact anti-discrimination legislation with the objective of adopting legislation that is in full compliance with article 2 of the Convention;
  2. Take all necessary measures, including awareness-raising and public education campaigns, to eradicate and prevent discriminatory attitudes towards children in vulnerable or minority situations;
  3. Provide adequate support to single mothers, including those who are adolescent.

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