5. The Committee notes with satisfaction improvements made in the area of women’s rights, in particular by the appointment of a Government Plenipotentiary on the Equal Status of Women and Men. It also welcomes the extension of the Plenipotentiary’s competence to issues relating not only to discrimination on the basis of sex but also on grounds of race and ethnic origin, religion and beliefs, age and sexual orientation.

18. The Committee is concerned that the right of sexual minorities not to be discriminated against is not fully recognized, and that discriminatory acts and attitudes against persons on the ground of sexual orientation are not adequately investigated and punished (art. 26).

The State party should provide appropriate training to law enforcement and judicial officials in order to sensitize them to the rights of sexual minorities. Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation should be specifically prohibited in Polish law.

Link to full text of the report: Concluding Observations-CCPR-Poland-1999-eng

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