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I would like to draw the attention of your Excellency’s Government to reports regarding accounts of police violence against children. According to the information I have received, three school children who were shot dead by police on 31 October in Enga province while another twenty to thirty five persons, some as young as nine or ten years old, were injured. The police reported that they were met by rock-throwing students when they went to arrest the headmaster of Porgera top-up primary school. It is my understanding that these executions have taken place in the context of repeated police violence -including arbitrary arrests, torture and deaths in custody- against children perceived as gang members, street vendors, child sex workers and boys engaged in homosexual conduct. At the same time, internal police statistics indicate that very few officers are punished for violence against children.

link to the full text of the Report: Report-SR Extrajudicial Executions-summary cases-2006-eng

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