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Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, A/HRC/14/22/Add.2, 28 May 2010: Kyrgyzstan


23. Violence against women in Kyrgyzstan is gradually gaining increased visibility and attention. However, the laudable efforts by the Government and civil society to address this problem have been insufficient to reach the majority of the population. Various forms of violence against women such as domestic violence, bride-kidnapping, trafficking, custodial violence, sexual violence and harassment and violence against lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons remain unreported and unpunished.

A. Forms of violence and prevalence

4. Attacks against lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons

37. A high level of societal homophobia, discrimination and violence against lesbian, bisexual and transgender people exists in Kyrgyzstan, according to organizations working in this sector. One study indicates that 23 per cent of lesbian and bisexual women have had forced sexual contacts; 35 per cent believe that their sexual orientation or identity creates problems for them and society; and 56 per cent have had their families try to force them to change their sexual identity or orientation. They face discrimination in employment and in society.

They report that the media has increased intolerance towards them with the homophobic tone of their press reports and issues relevant to them – including human rights violations – are generally overlooked by the Government and civil society. They are particularly concerned by discriminatory provisions in the Kyrgyz Criminal Code and the discriminatory implementation of other laws and policies. Transgender persons also note difficulties in legally changing their gender in official identity papers.

38. Many people within this category are compelled to move from rural to urban areas and break off ties with their family and communities, because of the pressure or violence they have experienced. In a meeting with the Special Rapporteur, interlocutors shared accounts of incidents of having been subjected to widespread discrimination and violence including brutal gang rapes, “curative” rapes and family violence owing to their sexual orientation and gender identity.


92. Elimination of violence against women and girls:

• Take measures to ensure the protection of women who are victims of discrimination and violence on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and simplify procedures for changing the sexual identity of transgender persons in their identity cards.

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