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Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights defenders, A/HRC/4/37/Add.1, March 27, 2007 – Israel

374. On 1 December 2006, the Special Representative sent a letter of allegation to the Government of Israel concerning threats against participants in the proposed Gay Pride Parade which was scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on 10 November 2006. According to the information received, the organisers of the Gay Pride Parade met with authorities in order to establish a less controversial route for the march which would avoid ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods as the police had stated that they could not provide adequate security for the original route. However the march was later cancelled altogether due to the severe nature of the threats issued, as last year on 30 June 2005 an ultra-orthodox Jewish man reportedly stabbed three people during the fourth annual gay pride parade. Concern was expressed about the reported threats and harassment of human rights defenders campaigning for equality and against discrimination based on perceived sexual orientation. Further concern was expressed that such harassment might prevent peaceful demonstrators from carrying out their legitimate human rights activities.

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