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Report of the Working Group on the use of mercenaries, A/HRC/7/7/Add.2, 4 February 2008: Peru

42. Reports were received of the death of a Spaniard, killed and robbed by a watchman. Moreover, of the 69 attacks on transvestites,  transgenders  or  transsexuals  investigated  by Runa in 2006, 52 were committed by watchmen.[1] Because local taxes vary from municipality to municipality, the rich ones have better protection, which is against the universal principle of non-discrimination in the right to security. In addition, the lack of any overall civic security policy means that each of Peru’s 1,600 districts has a different strategy. The State is thus abdicating its duty to protect its citizens.

Link to full text of the report: Mission report-WG Mercenaries-Peru-2008-eng


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  1. 1. Runa Institute for Development and Gender Studies, Lima